Affordable rate, booking partner is supportable throughout the trip if in any disagreement with driver. Driver has lots of hill driving experience and always on time so no compliant related to driving skills. There are some issues with site visit but finally resolved smoothly without any escalation. Car condition is quite good and will be having a comfortable ride.

Pradeep Kakade


Thank you Mr. Chethan for providing us with good cabs and professional drivers for our trip to Ajay. However, I would like to make a special mention of your driver Mr. Naveen who was soft-spoken, polite, and professional throughout the trip. At the end of the trip when we offered him a tip for providing good service. He counted the money and said you are paying me extra. I told him this is a tip for which he said this is not required and gave the tip back. I requested him to kindly accept it. This is indeed very rare.

Manjunath Narayan

Business Man

Beautifully organized trip. The itinerary given is followed as is it is. Driver was flexible as per our time and mood. rate is also very cheap. What else can we expect for our relaxation and a happy trip. Great Job. Thank you



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