About Us

Team of Taxi Services In Mangalore

An Our Introduction

I am Chethan Kumar. I am a resident of Mangalore’s Bejai. I am a B.Com graduate and have experience of working in a lot of corporate companies. I succeeded to get a job in Mysore when I came to Mysore in search of a job in 1999. I decided to work in a taxi operating company. I used to observe the pros and cons of that company. After analyzing them, I had a thought that why shouldn’t I start my own company. Being a basic Mangalorean, I used to think about how to start a company in Mysore and started a small cab company. Over time it grew massively. I didn’t delay further and registered it as Mysore Taxiwala. People of Mysore recognize me as Mysore Taxiwala now.

I also had the thought of starting a taxi company at my birthplace. So I started studying Mangalore Taxi Services. At that time, I came across many companies providing cars for hire. But none of them understood the exigencies of travelers and used to run their cab agency. An experienced traveler would like to do his personal work in his own ways. He doesn’t like to spend more time at a single location. We will adapt ourselves to his convenience. Apart from that, we will agree to the timetable of travelers freely. Hence we have started taxi services in Mangalore completely. You will get so many taxi agents in Mangalore, but we have reached a unique milestone by providing taxis differently.

At present, we are active in Mysore but very soon we are thinking of expanding our services in coastal regions too.